09 Dec

If you are new in designing industry then you may be thinking about is web design and graphic design and are these two terms same? The answer of your question is no. Web design and graphic design both are different. They have different purpose to work on in the design industry. Thus, in simple we can say that both graphic and web design are related to designing but the work purpose are different.

 Now, another question may come in your mind that how web design and graphic design are exactly different; like what sort of differences are there in them. 

In order to get to know this, understanding the both these terms is very important. 

Quick lines on web design  

Web design is an art of designing web pages with the help of programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many other frameworks and libraries like Angular and React. For this joining a web design course in Delhi is highly recommended. 

A web designer is the one who builds websites. He needs to create UI designs, wireframes for each web page, write codes and maintain balance between speed and efficiency of the website. 

A web designer needs to convert the client's needs with useful content, and layout. In this process designer needs to decide how the user will interact with the website, and which images and what content should be included in it. Many other things are also there to consider like adding interactivity for making a good user experience on the site for the visitors. 

Skills required becoming a website designer:

1. Logical thinking is important to have since lots of code has to write in different languages like JavaScript. Even frameworks like Angular and libraries like React also required logical thinking. To learn and master all these programming technologies, you can pursue a diploma in web design and development.

2. Time management comes on the second spot. It becomes highly recommended to have a well-planned schedule to manage the work for a programmer. 

3. Proper presentation and communication skills are also important to have to leave a mark on other. 

4. This web industry is full of new trends and daily updates so it become very crucial to stay updated with all the trends of the industry. 

Quick lines on Graphic design

 As we know that web is some sort required logics; graphic on the other hand requires creative idea creation and visualization. It is a field of creative minds. It is an art of making design alive and useful for the users who are interacting with it. Posters, logos, banners, ads, books, magazines, etc. are the big examples of this. 

Graphic designing also includes creation of vector Illustrations, digital paintings, layouts, typography, colors, and many more. A graphic designer needs to have technical, creative and analytical thinking. He also needs a sound knowledge of visual elements, design principles, color theories, typography basics, etc. For this joining a graphic design course in Delhi is highly recommended.

 He can also help in creating page layouts. In this field creativity is the essential element. Skills required becoming a graphic designer: 

1. A good graphic designer needs to be creative and visualizer. 

2. He needs to be good in technical software applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. 

3. He needs to present his work in an efficient way which requires both communication and presentation skills. 

4. Going with the trends of the industry is must for a graphic artist.

 So, after understanding basic points about both web design and graphic design, it is clear that they both are different and amazing too on the same time. If you are a creative person and aspires from the brand logos, advertisements, videos, etc. then graphic designing is the right field to go. And for learning graphic design you can join professional graphic design courses

But if you love to read and talk about websites, mobile apps, and programming stuff then website designing is the right field to go in. For this, you can learn under the guidance of experts with web design courses at leading institute i.e. ADMEC Multimedia.

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