20 Jan

Are you creating a website? If yes then there are some important functional elements which you must know about them.

Anyone can build website if they know about languages. But making a website in a perfect manner is quite difficult if you don’t have proper knowledge about web designing. In this blog, we will discuss about the important features of a website. And you can also learn these things with experts by pursuing web design courses in Delhi.

Let`s start with a quick description about web designing. Web designing is an art of designing web pages with the help of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you want to learn HTML and CSS then must go for HTML5 and CSS3 training institute in Delhi.

Important functional elements every website needs:

Speed: No matter how perfect is your site working and what its domain authority. Your users start judging when you site is loading. We all know first impression matters a lot that’s why always ensure that your website loads in less time.

Quick tips to increase speed: 

Always add JavaScript at the end of body tag.

 Use tools to optimize images.

 Don’t use so much third party elements.

Navigation: After loading website user interact with navigation first because through this users can find exactly what they want. Navigation is like a map of your website. Users don’t want to suffer and waste your time. That`s why always make you website navigation clear and easy to understand.

Not only for users but navigation is also important to make your site SEO friendly, because during crawling. Crawlers can easily track main links of your website and it will help in rank increasing.

Website structure: Your website structure is the most important part. We all know that Look and presentation of the website matters a lot. Before making website structure ask some question to yourself like:

What is the main content to add in the homepage? 

What is the main color scheme and typography of the website that has to use in it?

 What type of audience you trying to target?

Find answers of these questions then start building your website accordingly.

Note: Always plan your website design according to mobile also.

Animations: To make your website attractive use quality images and animations like lazy load images, Scroll down animations, Popup etc. It will create a feel to your website which will help you to take a wow reaction from your users.

User interaction: The other important element is integration. A static web page can become a reason to leave to your site easily. To hold attention of the user always adds interactivity in your website. There is no need to add heavy elements to increase interactivity. You can add small elements like user name, greeting, and catchy massages. Add content like you are directly talking to the user. These small things increase interaction and make your website popular.

It is true that website plays an important part in the growth of a business. Having a perfect website will directly put a good impact on your business growth. That’s why remember these basic points always before making any website. Otherwise you can join a Web design course in Delhi to learn more about the concepts of web designing.

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