07 Dec

Web design is the rapidly growing industry as we all know. There are also different areas in it like planning, designing, and codding. But web design is what includes a look and feel in a static web page. In simple words it helps in building the element of your site with the help image, color, fonts etc.

Not only looks, There are many components that work together to make a complete website like SEO, interface design, graphic design and many more. 

Web designing is also known as front-end or client side design. For front-end you need to learn about HTMl 5 & CSS3, JavaScript and other frameworks and libraries languages also. But, these are some important languages to become a successful web designer. 

Let’s talk about some ins and outs of web designing: 


Easy to work anywhere: There are few fields which offers work from home or stay at home for professionals. Web designing is one of them; you just need a laptop or Wi-Fi after that you can set up your own office anywhere. It is a good field for women also. 

More than Average salary: In this career you can earn more the average salary easily. This kind of field can help you to establish a comfortable life and also plan your future without any financial worry. 

Great employment opportunities: we all know that we are living in the world of internet. For every small work we need internet first. That’s why there are great employment opportunities. In Future, there is an expected 20% job growth in this industry. 

Web design offers variety: In this generation we tend to lose work motivation and get frustrated easily. But if you are web designer there is no need to confine to one specific industry. In this field there is variety of work. One day you are doing work on a project and next day just doing work on a blog.

Instant feedback: In this career there is no need to wait for receiving feedback. The result is always in front of you. It gives you satisfaction instantly which helps you to feel motivated every time. So many advantages are there in this field. So get to work in it by joining a diploma in web design and development. 


We all know a coin has two sides always, same there are some cons also lets see them: 

Constant learning: In this field you can`t stop leaning regularly. You have to be updated all the time. As mentioned above it is growing industry, The Internet is continuously changing and technologies in every second to make things easier and perfect.

Long hours: Same as other professions there is also deadlines for completing projects on time. That's why sometimes you`ll have to work extra time. 

Health problems: To become a successful web designer you need to practice a lot and for this you have to spend mostly time in front of laptop and other gadgets. It may create some serious health issues. 

Full of challenges: The game of coding is always challenging. One day it will become most difficult and next day it can be the easiest thing .variety of work is the cause of this problem. 

So, while choosing web designing as a career must read ins and outs first .Then ask some questions to yourself and compare your answers to these points. If you want to become a successful web designer then must go for web design course in Delhi.

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