28 May

If you are a web designing student or pursuing Photoshop course in Delhi and want to compress the size of the images you are working with then there is a software application for you to use. It is Adobe Photoshop. 

Photoshop is used for editing images and designing the graphics. It is also used for web point of view. It is able to run faultlessly on both Windows as well as MACos. The tools in coming in this software are capable of making cool designs. 

Most common features in this software are workspace, layers, smart object, blend modes. Every designer uses these features. 

Different versions have been released latest series is CC. 

What is the use of save for web in Photoshop 

There is an option known as "save for web". This feature allows creating a copy of image that is used for web use. This option makes the image file size smaller and capable for the website uploading. 

If any designer creates any content like (photo, ads, banner, etc.) for web use only then he creates the web ready image with the help of this feature. When uploading the images, optimize to download & display in web browser only. 

Here is how we use the tool save for web in Photoshop. For image quality, file size, & balance for images. 

How to use the feature of save for web?

  • First open the image want to save in Photoshop. 
  • Select image the click on image size, shortcut for pc, press Alt+ Ctrl+ I and shortcut for macOS, Command+ Option+ I on keyboard. 
  • In width, enter your own width, select pixels, and then press ok. 
  • Then select file option, press Export, then Press Save for Web, (The shortcut key is Alt/Option+ Command+ Shift+ S ). 
  • Use for save for window; go to original, then 2-up, and 4-up tabs. Then setting applied on it.  
  • Then we change the value of quality, the lower quality the image looks blur, and the file size goes down. Taller files mean slower-loading      web pages. 
  •  If you needed to save in JPGE, GIF, PNG, WBMP, then change it. 
  • If we want height, and width, then enter the height and width, or scale it by a percentage. 
  • The value in image show you the file size, file type, & how much time taken to open on the website. 
  • When your photos get ready then click on ok. Type a name for photo then press ok. 
  • So, this is how you use Save for Web option in Photoshop.

Author: Hello, I’m Deepanshu, a student at ADMEC, pursuing web design courses in Delhi. I hope this blog is helpful for you. 


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