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Web design basically is to design the websites that we see on internet. It generally get describes as the user experience ways of the development of the website other than software development. Mainly web design formerly focused on websites design for the desktop browsers but after year 2010 designs for the browsers for smart phones and tablets have become equally important. Web designers generally works on appearance of layouts and designs and in some times content of the websites. Appearance like layouts , colour of the fonts type of fonts etc. A nice web design is easy to handle any one can use it without any difficulties that will provide their users a great experience of using the websites.

What exactly is web development?

By means of web development it is  like creating, maintaining and building of the websites. This associates with everything like web designing, web programming, website developing, and management of the certain database. Generally we development also creates the application that work on internet browser. Web developers use coding and programming languages for to create a websites or applications with smooth functionality. They to check if the website is working properly for their users or not. 

Various career options are available for you to join, some of them are given below:

  • Front end developer: Being a front end developer you have the responsibility of to implement important and necessary visual effects and components for the users to visually connect with it. 
  • Back end developer: With the job title of back end developer you need to consolidate the work done by the front end developers and you will also have the responsibility of web applications on the server side locations. 
  • Senior web analyst:  In the senior web analyst job profile you are responsible of to create and sustain the solutions with the help of advanced high end technologies. 
  • Web application designer: the responsibilities like to design the whole website or application the to complete modification needed for the making of the layout for the website with the help of coding and client’s instructions.  
  • Layout and design designer:  With the job title of layout and design executive  you will have to make the designs and layouts of the format pages and other useable and important specific substance for to digital print.

 Also you are able to free lancing work in the web development or design. You can also earn an amazing amount of with the help of free lancing only. 

Now lets talk about some best and trending long term diploma courses in web design and development for you to start your career in:

Web master plus course: This web master course is advanced web design course in Delhi and the whole entire time duration of this course is 18 months. this program is one of the highly industry known web designing and development course . We have made this course entirely for the students who have high expectations of becoming a web developer or designer. In this course you will be able to learn all the extensively concepts related to the development and design of the website for the e- commerce way out. To provide the students an immense and accurate knowledge and learning about the development and design of the web we have created well formed web development and design course for the interested students. For the students to attain the whole knowledge of the respective languages and software. In this web master plus course you will get to understand how to prepare UI in right way by research, planning mock-up designing etc. The students will get the knowledge about making of web pages which are responsive. Web master course covers all the software and programming languages needed for the website and applications making like JavaScript, Python, PHP and MYSQL, jQuery, Laravel also commercial arts, Photoshop etc.  

Web designing course premium: In this 08 months of duration course at our best institute for web designing in Delhi, we teach our students how to prepare interactive and functional front end websites and web applications which will be user friendly and easy to use.  Web premium course covers all the software and programming languages needed for the website and applications making like JavaScript, angular material, Bootstrap, jQuery, Sass also commercial arts, Photoshop, adobe XD etc.

 Web design and development course – master: This diploma in web design and development in Delhi is a well structured for the students who interest in web designing, web promotion, UI development, e-commerce website development etc. Web development course covers all the important coding programming languages to be a web developer. The whole time period of this course is 12 months. Web master course covers all the software and programming languages needed for the website and applications making like JavaScript, Python, PHP and MYSQL, jQuery, Laravel, Redux, Git also commercial arts, Photoshop etc. 

 UI/UX design course standard: This is the best UI UX design course that will teach you to learn how to develop designing skills, technical skills, and analytical for UI / UX designers. This 06 month of time period long diploma course will cover all the basic to advanced level of tools you need in UI/UX designing. Web master course covers all the software and programming languages needed for the website and applications making like JavaScript, Html&CSS, Figma, Zeplin also commercial arts, adobe XD, illustrator, Photoshop etc.   

UI development course – master In this best front end development course you will get to learn not only aesthetics but the responsiveness, functionality, efficiency and accessibility of the website. This course entirely rely on the programming languages mostly on front end job profile for instance, like Html&CSS. The entire course of this course is of 06 months. You will cover software and languages like: html & CSS, bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, angular material, sass, ReactJS, Redux, domain/hosting. Hope you got an idea about the trending programs in web. 

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