01 Jul

A lot of people seem to be wondering if JavaScript is still a good language to learn these days for website designing. The short answer is yes! JavaScript is still a great language to learn. Want to know the reasons? Let’s discuss then. 

Programming world is vast and website designing one of its parts. Within website designing, we see so many languages being used daily and we all have heard about JavaScript is in the list too. But now there are many alternatives coming to it as per the intelligent minds of web world. 

See, a webpage is developed through various methods and the crucial element of any site to develop is HTML. It is a markup language that makes the working ground for any webpage. To support its styling we use CSS which is a style sheet not a language. 

Now any website or web application is incomplete without interactivity. The basics things a site visitor demands is the interactivity. So, how we are going to make static content look great, fresh and live. Well the answer key is JS.

JavaScript adds nervous system in any dead page that is filled with HTML and CSS code. It prepares the inner functions. So, do you still think that you can skip learning such an amazing language? Ask yourself once again.

Learning JS is so important to create variety of applications and websites. It is a popular language among developers and is used by many major companies. JavaScript have variety of features that makes it the most versatile language. It can also be used to create games and other interactive applications. JavaScript can be used to convert intricate things into abstracts which make it perfect to learn language especially for the beginners. It is mainly used for both frontend development as well as backend development in the form of its frameworks and libraries.

For Frontend - Angular JS Angular Js is an open source JavaScript framework and it helps to create good interface.  Angular JS is one the best option for creating frontend of the web site as angular js designed as fully featured javaScript frame work to boost the simplicity and experience of the website and because of its rich features developer loves to build frontend in Angular js. Go for Angular course in Delhi and start learning it.

For Backened - Node Js

Node Js is one the most used language to write server side and the main reason behind is that its lightweight and fast processing system. There are number of reason to join NodeJs course in Delhi but here we mentioning very few reasons to learn Node Js.

  • Large community
  • Resuability
  • Various node Js frameworks
  • Cost- Effective
  • High apdation Rate 

Node.js has made JavaScript a viable option for back-end development as well. This means that JavaScript developers can now work on full-stack applications. You can also think about joining web development courses in Delhi if you want to go for back-end development.

Even if you don’t end up using JavaScript in your own projects, understanding the language will help you understand how web applications are built.

Career options available post JS training

  • JS developer
  • Front –end developer
  • Website designer
  • UI developer

There are various options available for you if you complete JavaScript course in Delhi then you can find well enough options to start your career. This single language as JavaScript is mostly used for web designing and development and if you also seeking to learn JavaScript to be web developer then you must opt for Diploma in web design and development as in this course along with JavaScript you can master other languages like PHP, Python and many more. 

Check JS programs available to join:

No matter what route you decide to take, JavaScript will surely be a valuable asset on your journey. With its popularity only increasing, there will always be a demand for JavaScript developers. So if you are looking to be web designer and developer don’t miss to learn JavaScript. You can consider going for web design courses in Delhi at ADMEC.