26 Aug

Have you started learning JavaScript these days?  And also want to become master in it? Then you should learn every concept of JavaScript because in the industry the demand of JavaScript is increasing day by day. By learning JavaScript there are many career options are available for you such a web developer, JavaScript developer, Front-end developer and many more. 

You must check the web development courses in Delhi available at ADMEC to more about the advanced concept of actual website development.JavaScript is the client side language. Client side simply means that user can also interact with the web application. 

It is also used to make dynamic modern web pages. It is lightweight, dynamic and most used programming language. Not only web pages with the help of JavaScript can we create mobile applications, Games, Animation etc.With HTML and CSS, we build the foundation of any website next we need to add JavaScript to make it live and for adding interactivity in it. Learn HTML and CSS at best level by joining HTML5 and CSS3 training Institute in Delhi. There are two ways to link your .js file to your html file:

  • Internal js: In this type of file the code used to be written under the script tag between the head tag or body tag according to the requirement.
  • External js: In this type of file the code used to be written under the separate file which is used to link in the main html file.

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In JavaScript there is concept of debuting lets understand it.

What is Debugging in JavaScript

Debugging is the princesses of solving errors in the code. In other words you can say that with the help of debugging a developer can find problems easily and can also solve them faster. Logical means related to the logic and syntactical is related of the syntax error like missing semicolon and etc. So the first bug is harder to solve. In this case we use debugging. There are many ways to Debug the code lets understand them one by one.Using console.log() : Console.log() is a method of debugging. If you want to check any value then you can pass it into console.log(). For better understanding let’s see an example:let a = 5;let b = ‘Hello’;let c = a + b;

// Check value of c by using console.console.log(c);

Output : undefined

By setting breakpoints: In JavaScript we can set breakpoints and can break the JavaScript code whenever we want. After checking the code we can resume again by pressing the play button.The Debugger Keyword: Same as setting breakpoints we can check the code line by line by using debugger keyword. After correcting the one error we can go for other mistake also same as the above. Let’s took an example for depth understanding.<script>  var x = 2 * 5;  debugger;  </script>  

In this example you can see that the proper way of using debugger in the code.

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