16 Dec

Before talking about this, you should know about who is a front-end developer and what a front end developer does in his daily tasks.

So, front-end developer is a client side developer which means that, he is responsible for website design, interactivity, ranking and other important tasks which is directly related to the client,.

These are some common tasks:

  • Developing and maintaining the user interface. 
  • Using HTML & CSS and JavaScript to bring website design into browser. 
  • Responsive design making (Mobile Friendly). 
  • Optimizing the user experience. 
  • Following SEO best practices.
  •  Fixing bugs and errors.

These are some common Tasks what a front end developer does in his daily life.

Now, Let`s move to the question. So, only learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript is enough for the entry level front end developer or you can say for a junior front-end developer.

But if you want to become a senior front- end developer, you need to learn some other concepts also.

These are concepts which are must to become a front- end developer:

  • HTML: Learning about Hypertext Markup language is the first step to become a front -end developer. With the help of HTML we can create a structure of the website. There are many elements and attributes which help in building modern websites like links, images, text, and many more.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets is a design language, which is used to design web pages. It is the second you must learn.CSS is responsible for the look of the web pages. By using CSS, we can change the color, font style, layout out design, images etc. Even with this we can make our web page mobile friendly

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  • JavaScript: Third and most important step is learning JavaScript because with the help of JavaScript we can add interactivity to the web pages .We know that , HTML Creates a static page with some content in it. And, The CSS describes the look and formatting in a web document. After this we need something for making dynamic websites, in which user can also interact with it.

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  • jQuery: It is the library of JavaScript language which is used to simplifies the JavaScript code. And we can make amazing animations and attractive things easily with the helps jQuery. It is used to increase User Experience in the website.
  • React: React JS is also a JavaScript library. But it is much better than jQuery because it is complete solution not only thins React JS used to create single page web applications. These days it is high in demand in the industry.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is used to make web pages easier to find by the people who are looking for the type of content. And it is directly related to the website`s ranking.

So, only learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript is enough to become a front end developer but learning jQuery, React.JS and SEO will be a plus point to find a better job opportunity in the industry. If you also want to become a front end developer course, then must go for web design course in Delhi.

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